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    • Don’t Get Hangry

      Looking for a way to avoid an irresistible snack? Control your hunger better with IsaPro Whey Protein. Protein is the most filling macronutrient, and studies have shown that protein intake can help weight loss efforts.

    • Pro To Grow

      We see you being all athletic. We more than see you — we made a protein boost for you. Build strength and boost metabolism with the full spectrum amino acid profile of undenatured whey protein. Make the most of your post-workout.

    • Versatile & Convenient Protein

      IsaPro Whey Protein works great as a post-workout shake to boost muscle repair and growth. Or add it to any of our meal replacement shakes for a simple way to increase your protein intake. Also mixes fantastically in recipes, from oatmeal to oven-baked goodies. Now you have an easy, delicious way to add protein anytime.

    • Offset Muscle Loss

      We lose muscle naturally as we age. But the extra protein in IsaPro Whey Protein can help reduce age-related muscle loss. Give your wonderful body the tools it needs to age with strength.

    What's Inside

    Concentrated, Complete Whey Protein

    Undenatured Whey
    18 grams of whey protein per serving, always from grass-fed dairy.
    Weight Wins
    Boost protein intake to help conquer stubborn weight loss plateaus.
    Chocolate & Vanilla
    Rich chocolate and delicious vanilla help IsaPro Whey Protein blend well in water, shakes, or recipes.
    No Artificial Flavors, Colors, or Sweeteners
    It’s real, and it’s really good.
    Frequently Asked

    Your questions, answered

    IsaPro Whey Protein contains 18 grams of high-quality, undenatured whey protein concentrate. Available in Vanilla and Chocolate!
    Extra protein is necessary for anyone starting a weight loss or workout program, trying to break through a weight loss plateau, or dealing with muscle mass and function loss. When you need more protein, IsaPro is the perfect addition to any meal.
    Whey is the most effective protein for building and maintaining lean muscle, with a complete BCAA profile.
    IsaPro is one of the most versatile protein products we offer. Use it as a protein boost for your smoothies, mix it with water for a post-workout shake, or add it to a fun recipe to change things up. There are so many unique and exciting ways to enjoy IsaPro!
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